Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So, on the dickwolves thing

I would just like to say congrats to the Penny Arcade guys!

With this whole Dickwolves thing they've managed to put the "Gamers aren't all complete assholes" argument back 5, maybe 10 years! I do hope they remember this when the next politician with a "Video Games make you a socially retarded monster and gamers should all be gassed." Platform comes around.

Really, it's not the shirt itself, it's the passive-aggressive bullshit non-apologies and the doubling down that's made me shake my head at them. That’s really the thing that’s going to make dismissing gamers easy. People expect a lot of being offensive for the sake of trying to cause offense from children, and mostly they just ignore it because it’s dull and giving them attention only leads to more bullshit.

Not that it maters, not really. Tycho and Gabe have nothing of value to say to anyone over 15 anyway, and this is just another example. They’re just becoming another pair of radio shock DJs, loved by their small group of fans, but worth nothing in the grander scheme of reality. Adults don't care, they dismiss anything any gamer has to say, and this gives them another example in their long held prejudice. And guess what? No amount of Child's Play money will wash away the fact that you've just given serious minded people another excuse to disregard anything any gamer might have to say.

This whole thing is just getting old. I'm getting tired of waiting for internet famous 'celebs' to grow up and stop acting like they're still in a frat house. I know it won't happen, but it's boring the fuck out of me listening to the fall out of these assholes every few months. The comic and shirt didn't even offend me, you couldn't offend me if you tried. Actually, that's probably true because I'd know you were trying to do it and thus I wouldn't care. At this point, all of them are just little children running around yelling "Fuck!" in hopes that mommy will notice them for just one moment. This shock for shock's sake crap gets dull really quick once you reach adulthood.

So… yeah, good job guys. Now for the next five years or so, anytime I try to say playing games doesn’t automatically make you a complete shithead, I’ve got to hear about the Dickwolves thing. Thanks for that.

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